An oral history project to record the stories of the Windrush Generation and their descendants who have been affected by the  ‘hostile environment’. The 2014 Immigration Act means that without proof of citizenship individuals are denied access to public and many private services such as housing. Migrants from the Caribbean who have a legal right to remain in the UK by the 1973 Immigration Act have been victimised.  They were not given Documents to prove their legal status and one of the few pieces of documentation which exists their Landing Cards were destroyed by the government. Many have lost; homes, jobs, education, access to health services, as well as being incarcerated indefinitely in detention centres. Many have been deported and many who left the country for visits were unable to re enter.  This is understandably been an extremely traumatic experience for those who have gone through it. Historian David Olusoga’s documentary “The Unwanted” was aired on BBC 2 on Monday 24th June 2019 . It Highlights some of the horrendous treatment that people underwent. Interviews will take place across the North West England either in the homes of the participants or at other venues which are convenient to them.

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