Changing the narrative about migrants and our families by celebrating our contribution to the UK and providing support to enable us to fully exercise our rights as citizens and residents.



Why Migrants Union?

Migrants Union has been established in response to the mis-treatment of Windrush Generation migrants from the Caribbean (and many of their descendants) who were affected by the ‘hostile environment’ created by the 2016 Immigration Act.

Earlier immigration legislation and a generally hostile media have demonised migrants whilst ignoring or minimizing their contribution to the economic and cultural richness of the UK.




We will celebrate the achievements of Migrants by recording our contribution to economic and cultural prosperity of the the United Kingdom. We will call for the United Kingdom to recognise the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and to mark International Migrants day (December 18th)

By recording the life stories of Migrants and creating educational resources we will ensure that children and young people are taught about the contribution of Migrants to the United Kingdom.

We will provide information and signposting to legal services to keep migrants, our families friends and supporters informed of our legal rights and enabled to implement them

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